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ZeeHub is an operations software platform built to grow and manage franchise systems or other multi-unit organizations.

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A True Data and Operations Hub

What can I accomplish with ZeeHub?

You spent a lot of time developing system standards and best practices. ZeeHub helps you deliver them to all stores, and get new stores up and running quickly.

ZeeHub delivers task management features that track when items are completed. This keeps important actions from "falling through the cracks", making rollouts and new franchisee onboarding a breeze.

ZeeHub makes it easy for franchisors to share files, and for franchisees to find them. Your files are backed up and stored safely at all times.

Forget about reports on spreadsheets or word docs. ZeeHub simplifies data collection and reporting, and provides a clear overview of historical data.

Accessible, digestible, data allows you to make better decisions and understand what's going on in your franchise system.

*Outside platforms without an API cannot interact with ZeeHub. API based reports are created per franchise brand, and therefore do not come "out of the box".


Rolando De La Torre, Jr., creator of ZeeHub2, was named a winner of the 2015 NextGen in Franchising Global Competition

Advanced Features Come Standard

Flexible tools that provide structure and clarity to franchise operations

Events and Calendar View

Set company meetings and events, assign due dates for tasks, and see everything in one central calendar.

Task Management

Ensure action and accountability with our task lists. Make sure everything is accomplished when opening a new unit, rolling out a new policy, and much more.


Communicate openly and increase collaboration with our messaging system. It's easy to keep an ongoing dialogue about each franchise unit.

Units & People

Know your franchise system! Centrally store personnel and unit data using units & people.


Share company documents using the library. We make it easy for franchisors to share files, and franchisees to find them.

Custom Development

Need a special feature or set of functions? ZeeHub2 can be customized to handle your company's specific needs and carefully crafted workflows.

Save As Your System Grows

All pricing tiers include:

  • Unlimited Franchise Users
  • Unlimited Corporate Users
  • 100% of New Upgrades
  • 100% of Standard Features
  • 100 GB Library Storage
  • Online Help Site (Coming Soon)
Units 1-50
$25 /Unit/Mo
Units 51-99
$20 /Unit/Mo
Units 100+
$15 /Unit/Mo

The Next Generation of Franchise Software

ZeeHub2 is a shiny new product built with speed, customization, and flexibility in mind. Are you ready to organize and refine your franchise operations?

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